Ancestors of Charles Hogg RAINE (1878 - 1959) 2

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7e] John RAINE was born on 12 Apr 1849 in Barnard Castle, Durham. He died on 26 Feb 1931 in Shildon, County Durham.  John worked as a weaver and then as a plumber/gas fitter.  He had his own business and was also a contractor for Bolckow and Vaughan and for Dorman Long & Co.  John married Ann Frances ROBINSON on 16 Apr 1871 in Crook, Durham. Ann was born in 1853 in Barnard Castle, Durham. Her father was a publican


John appears in the 1851 and 1881 censuses with his family:


1851 Census, Teesdale District

Teesdale 1851, Barnard Castle, Bridgegate (HO107/2387/folio 440)

William Raine, Head, Married, 32, Carpet Weaver, born Barnard Castle, Durham

Elizabeth Raine, Wife, Married, 31, born Gainford, Durham

Jacob Raine, Son, 7, Scholar, born Barnard Castle, Durham

John Raine, Son, 1, born Barnard Castle, Durham


1881 Census Coundon 4928-68-30-1342183

Household: Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability

John RAINE Head M Male 32 Barnard Castle, Durham, England Plumber And Gas Fitter

Ann RAINE Wife M Female 27 Barnard Castle, Durham, England Plumber And Gas Fitter Wife

Robert Wm. RAINE Son Male 9 Crook, Durham, England Scholer

John Hy. RAINE Son Male 7 Spinny Moor, Durham, England Scholer

Clauissa RAINE Daur Female 5 Crook, Durham, England Scholer

Charles T. RAINE Son Male 2 Coundon, Durham, England

Source Information: Dwelling 1 Engine Census Place Coundon, Durham, England Family History Library Film 1342183 Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 4920 / 68 Page Number 30


John and Ann had the following children:


[8a] Robert William RAINE was born in Crook, Durham on the 25 May 1871.   He died on the 25 Apr 1951.  An article in the 'Northern Echo' marked his retirement in 1939 and the end of a two generation association with Dorman Long & Co.


Thurs May 25 1939 Northern Echo

Town Talk by ROMA

When Mr Robert Raine of 1 South Bank Cottages, Coundon, retires on Saturday from the position of plumber for Messrs Dorman, Long and Company's collieries, farms and cottages, he will break an association of over 60 years. Mr Raine has held the position himself since shortly after the Great War and he took over from his father, Mr J Raine, who when he retired, had held the position for nearly 50 years.

Mr Raine, who is now 68 years of age, has also had an almost life long association with the Coundon Parish Church. He was for many years sidesman and church councillor, while one of his sons was organist for a number of years and other members of his family were all in the church choir.  [clipping provided by Don Raine]



Robert married Mary Jane STEPHENSON on 4th Oct 1897 at Coundon, Durham.  They had five children: John, George, John, Evelyn and Elizabeth.


[8b] John Henry RAINE was born on 4 May 1873 in Spennymoor, Durham. He died on 1 Jun 1957 in Barton, Yks.  He married Margaret Elizabeth BLYTH on 4th March 1897.  They had five children: Margaret, Henry, Stanley, William and Ernest.  He worked as a coachman/chauffeur.  Margaret died in 1931 and in 1949 John married Mary STOREY.

[8c] Clarissa Eliza RAINE was born on 3rd April 1875 in Crook, Durham.  She died on 13 Nov 1951.  On 27 Dec 1902 she married William Henry YOUNG in Coundon, Durham.  They had two children: Robert and Edward.  Prior to this marriage she had an illegitimate child, John in 1897.

[8d] Joseph RAINE was born on the 29 Dec 1877. He died on 5 Dec 1878, in Coundon, Durham.

[8e] Charles Hogg RAINE was born on 19 Nov 1878 in Coundon, Durham. He died on 14 May 1959 in Whitby, Yks.

[8f] Elizabeth RAINE was born in 1881. Elizabeth was a spiritualist in Darlington, Durham. She married Tom Edwin BAKER on 25 Oct 1902 in Coundon, Durham. Tom was born in 1877 in Darlington and worked there as a printer.   After Tom's death in 1917, Elizabeth then married George HENRY in 1931. George was employed as Commercial Traveller.

[8g] Jacob RAINE "Jake" was born in 1883 in Coundon, Durham. He was christened on 20 Sep 1885 in Coundon, Durham. He married Margaret SMITH on 25 Sep 1909 and they had two children Percival and Jean.  Jake ran a garage in Bishop Auckland, Durham for many years.

[8h]Maryann RAINE was born on 17 August 1885 in Coundon. She was christened on 20 Sep 1885 in Coundon, Durham. She was known as Polly.  Maryann became a Pentecostal. She married Robert WILLIAMS on 11 Apr 1908 in Coundon, Durham. Robert was born in 1885 and was employed as Miner & Dairy Farmer. 

[8i]Thomas RAINE was born ion 24 Apr 1887 in Coundon, Durham and baptised on 25 April 1887 in Coundon, Durham.  He died in 1975.  He married Ethel BROWN on 12 Jun 1907 and they had three children, Thomas, Jenny and George.   Ethel died in 1916 and in 1919 Thomas married Lucy Emma LEESON.  They had seven children.  Thomas was a miner and also served in the Army.

[8j]Joseph Robinson RAINE was born on 24 Nov 1889 in Coundon. He was christened on 11 Dec 1889 in Coundon. He died on 22 Dec 1916 of appendicitis. Joseph was employed as Coachman. He married Ann BLENKINSOP in 1909 and had three children: Elizabeth, Catherine and John.

[8k] Margaret Amelia RAINE was born on 17 Mar 1892. She was christened on 6 Apr 1892 in Coundon. She died on 16 Aug 1893.

[8l] Frances RAINE was born on 7 Sep 1897 in Coundon, Durham and baptised on 22 Sep 1897 in Coundon.  She died in 1980.  She married David THOROGOOD and they had three children.


[8e] Charles Hogg RAINE "Charlie" was born on 19 Nov 1878 in Coundon, Durham. He was christened on 3 Apr 1880 in Coundon, Durham. He died on 14 May 1959 in Whitby, Yks in the home of his daughter, Lilian.  Charles worked as a Blacksmith. 


Charles married Mary Ann OLLEY daughter of Robert OLLEY and Elizabeth HAMMOND in 1899 in the registry office at Auckland. Mary was born in 1880 in Coundon, Durham.  Mary died in 1952.


They had the following children:

[9a] John Robert RAINE was born in Sep 1901 in Thrislington, Durham. He was christened on 25 Sep 1901 in Coundon, Durham. He died on 2 Jan 1968 in Bowburn, Durham. John was employed as Blacksmith in 1924 in Coundon, Durham. He was employed as Colliery Storeman in 1934. He resided in 1968 in Bowburn, Durham.

John married Sarah Elizabeth EMMERSON daughter of Joseph William EMMERSON and Elizabeth LANGLEY on 9 Dec 1924 in Sedgefield, Durham. Sarah was born on 18 Nov 1904 in Willington, Durham. She died in 1990 in Middleton in Teesdale, Durham.  They had six children, including my father.

[9b] Charles Olley RAINE was born on 9 Mar 1903 in West Cornforth, Co Durham. He was christened on 4 Sep 1903 in Coundon. He died on 19 Sep 1986 of Bronchopneumonia & Carcinoma of the Lung in St Margaret's Hospital, Durham. He was employed as a Colliery Engine Driver, Colliery. He was married to Winifred Hope who died in 1944.

[9c] Elizabeth Frances RAINE was born on 15 Mar 1905 and was christened on 6 Apr 1905 in Coundon. Elizabeth married John Robert CUNNAH in 1927.

[9d] James RAINE was born on 4 Oct 1907. He married Doris COWLING in 1927.

[9e] Lilian RAINE was born on 27 Aug 1910. She was living in Whitby in 1959. Lilian married Robert Gorden WALKER in 1930.

[9f] Elsie RAINE was born on 18 Dec 1912. Elsie married Thomas HALL in 1934.

[9g] Eveline Lusitania RAINE was born on 13 May 1915. She died on 29 Apr 1967. Eveline married George William ATKINSON in 1935.

[9h] Jessie RAINE was born on 12 Jan 1918. She died in 1995. Jessie married Robert William CROSBY in 1936.

[9i] Sarah Lizzie Vera RAINE was born on 30 May 1920. Sarah married Donald CRATHORNE in 1940.

[9j] Mary RAINE was born on 2 Mar 1923.  She married Arthur STOREY in 1942.