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My Dad's Side

Primarily the RAINE family of course.  As well as my own particular 'tribe' I have a lot of information on other Raine's in the UK and abroad.  Basically I collect data on any mention of them I see.  This is currently available in an excel file and several pdf (hopefully downloadable from this siteor email me for further information)

Page Updates

RAINE Data New excel file added Dec 2008 (see Links)

Ancestors of Charles Hogg RAINE - Raine family information.  Last Updated Dec 2009

Ancestors of Mary Ann OLLEY - Olley & Hammond information.  Last Updated Dec 2009

Ancestors of Elizabeth LANGLEY - Langley, Simpson & Gomersal information.  Last Updated Dec 2009.

Ancestors of Joseph W EMMERSON - Emmerson, Fairless, Fox, Perceval and Raven information.  Last updated Dec 2009.


My Mam's Side

Ancestors of Edward CARR – details of Carr and Hill families.  Last updated Dec 2009


Ancestors of James R HARRISON – Details of Harrison, Fortune and Oxley families  Last updated Dec 2009


Ancestors of Harriet A KNOWLES – Details of Knowles, Weston and Motteram families  Last updated Dec 2009


Ancestors of Alice Mary REEVE – Details of Reeve and (coming soon) Bassett families  Last updated Dec 2009

So where do I hail from?

Roughly speaking, the Raine family have been on the Durham/Yorkshire border since the late 1400s at least primarily Romaldkirk and Barnard Castle before my branch moved up to the Bishop Auckland area in the 1860s.

The Emerson family have been in the Stanhope/Weardale area since the 1780s.  Prior to that that they hailed from near Middleton in Teesdale, just up the road from Romaldkirk.

The Langley genealogy is still a bit of a mystery but if I am right, my lot hail from the Warkworth/Amble area and before that (late 1600s) from Hartlepool.  It's a small small world.

The Olley family came up from Barnham in Essex/Suffolk where they have been since the 1700s at least.  Along with Raine and Emerson it is another Norman French surname in derivation.

The Gommersal's came from the Birtley area of Yorkshire and the Fox's from Norfolk.


My Mam's side are more diverse. 

The Carr's were originally from the York area and then moved to Selby near Leeds before heading to Hartlepool in the early 1860s. 

The Harrison's come from the Lythe/Egton area near Whitby as far back as I have been able to trace them (early 1700s).  The Fortune family hail from the same area as do the Oxleys.

The Hill family come from around Tynemouth.

The Reeve family come from the Norfolk area with a newly identified (though not verified) side trip into Cambridgeshire.  The Bassetts hail from Oxborough in Norfolk.

The Weston family hail from Shropshire and the Knowles from Old Swinford in Worcestershire and around Birmingham and the Black Country as do the Motteram's and Cartwright's.




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