Ancestors of Mary Ann OLLEY (1879 - 1952)

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The OLLEY Family


Mary Ann OLLEY was my great grandmother. She married Charles Hogg RAINE. She was born in 1880 to Robert OLLEY and Elizabeth HAMMOND.

Robert OLLEY and Elizabeth HAMMOND were married on 11 July 1863 in Thetford. Robert was an agricultural labourer at the time of his marriage.  Elizabeth was born 25 May 1840 in Lackford, Suffolk, the daughter of John HAMMOND and Sarah DEATH.  Her brother Henry appears to be living with her family at William Street in Coundon on the 1881 Census.  See below for further information on the HAMMOND Family
Robert and Elizabeth had six children:
John Daniel OLLEY born 1 May 1868 in South Hetton
Robert William OLLEY born 1870 (second name also recorded as Nillian) in South Hetton
George Henry OLLEY born 1875
James OLLEY born 1878 in Coundon
Mary Ann OLLEY born 1880 in Coundon
Sarah Lizzie OLLEY born 1885 in Coundon
1881 Census:
Robert OLEY   Head   M   Male   43   Barnham, Suffolk, England   Coal Miner    
Elisabeth OLEY   Wife   M   Female   41   Lockford, Suffolk, England   Coal Miner Wife    
 John D. OLEY   Son      Male   12   South Hetton, Durham, England   Scholer    
 Robert Wm. OLEY   Son      Male   11   South Hetton, Durham, England   Scholer    
 George Hy. OLEY   Son      Male   6   Coundon, Durham, England   Scholer    
 James OLEY   Son      Male   4   Coundon, Durham, England   Scholer    
 Mary Ann OLEY   Daur      Female   1   Coundon, Durham, England       
 Henry HAMMOND   Brother   U   Male   31   Lanckford, Suffolk, England   Coal Miner     
Source Information:   Dwelling   505 William Street    Census Place Coundon, Durham, England   Family History Library Film   1342183   Public Records Office Reference   RG11  Piece / Folio   4920 / 67   Page Number   28

1871 Census, Easington District
South Hetton 1871 Census, 'South Hetton'
Robert Olley [Holley], Head, married, 32, Labourer, born Suffolk
Elizabeth Olley [Holley], Wife, married, 32, born Suffolk
John D. Olley [Holley], son, 4, born County Durham
Robert W. Olley [Holley], son, 1, born County Durham
George Coulding [Goulding(?)], lodger, 21, Coal Miner, born Suffolk

Robert was born in Barnham, Suffolk on 6 Jan 1838 to Daniel OLLEY and his wife Phoebe STUBBS. Robert died on 11 November 1895 in Coundon, Durham.

Daniel married Phoebe STUBBS on 15 Nov 1835 in Barnham., Suffolk.  She died around 1856 and on 07 May 1859 Daniel remarried to Sarah PALFARY.
Daniel and Phoebe had the following children:
Phoebe b 1836,
Robert b 1838,
William b 1840
John b 1843,
Daniel b 1845,
Joseph b 1849 (1881 Census: Weeting, Norfolk with wife Sophia and children Alice, Selina, Bertie, William and Joseph.  Occupation: Gamekeeper),
Susan Elizabeth b 1851,
George b 1854 (1881 Census: Lewisham, Kent.  Lodger in the household of William Williams. Unmarried.  Occupation: Gardener) 
Mary Ann b 1856.
William OLLEY seems to have moved north to Durham at about the same time as his brother Robert.  His family is recorded in the 1881 census at Wharton Street in Coundon, his wife Elisabeth and two children Joseph Daniel b 1871 and Besey b 1874.

Daniel and Sarah did not have any children but Sarah had a daughter Elizabeth from her previous marriage/relationship.


Daniel OLLEY was the son of Jacob OLLEY and Mary ELDER or HILLDER and was born in 1815 in Barnham, Suffolk. His siblings were:
Elizabeth OLLEY b 1807
Christmas OLLEY b 16 Dec 1804
Mary OLLEY b 03 Nov 1809 bap 31 Dec 1809 (married Robert MULLEY 25 Dec 1834 at St Gregory's Church, Barnham, Suffolk.  diedc 1875 in New South Wales, Australia)
Jacob OLLEY b 16 Feb 1812
George OLLEY b 04 Apr 1813
Joseph OLLEY b 19 Oct 1817
William OLLEY b 01 Jan 1819 (married Sophia BROWN 12 Dec 1846 at St Mary's Church, Thetford, Essex and emigrated to Australia 1858.  Died 24 Jan 1885 in New South Wales, Australia)
Sarah OLLEY b 21 May 1823

Jacob OLLEY b 21 Aug 1825

Ann OLLEY b 22 Mar 1829

Jacob OLLEY was born on 24 November 1776 in Barnham, Suffolk, the son of Jacob OLLEY and Christmas DAVEY. He married Mary HILLDER or ELDER on 15 Oct 1802 at Barnham, Suffolk.  Mary died 02 Jan 1848 in Barnham, Suffolk.  Jacob died on 09 Aug 1846 at Barnham, Suffolk.  His siblings were:
Mary Davy OLLEY (born 18 Jan 1779)
Betty OLLEY (born 29 Apr 1781).
Christmas OLLEY bap 16 Nov 1783
John Olley bap 05 Feb 1686
Hannah OLLEY bap 27 Jul 1788
Christmas OLLEY bap 02 Jan 1791
Daniel OLLEY bap 11 Feb 1793
Rose OLLEY bap 06 Sep 1795
William OLLEY bap 17 may 1798
Edmund OLLEY bap 29 Jun 1800

Jacob OLLEY or HOLLEY married Christmas DAVEY on 11 Oct 1775 at St Gregory's Parish Church in Barnham, Suffolk.  He was born c. 1750.

Christmas DAVEY was born 1758, baptised 01 Jan 1758 in Barnham Suffolk, daughter of Edmond DAVY and Sarah). She died 22 Mar 1802 at Barnham, Suffolk.  Jacob died 02 Dec 1822 at Barnham.

I have not yet got any further back than Jacob OLLEY or HOLLEY.  He may have had a brother, William born c 1745.


The HAMMOND Family

John HAMMOND was born in 1818 in Lackford, Suffolk, the son of John HAMMOND and Mary Smith.

He married Sarah DEATH in the September Q of 1839 in the Thingoe District of Suffolk. His wife Sarah DEATH was baptized in Newton le Willows, Suffolk on the 15 Jan 1818 and was the daughter of Thomas DEATH and Sarah MEADOWS.

By the 1841 census the couple had two children, John born in 1839 and Elizabeth born 25 May 1840

1841 census: Suffolk, Lackford, Further Green H107 / 1037 / 13 Folio 2a p 12
John HAMMOND 20 Ag Lab Suffolk
Sarah HAMMOND 20 Suffolk
John HAMMOND 2 Suffolk
Elizabeth HAMMOND 1 Suffolk
(Source: British Origins 1841 census images)

By 1851 the family has expanded with Eliza born in 1844, George b 1846 and Henry b 1848.  John is not listed with the family, it is not known whether he was deceased at this point.

1851 census: Lackford HO107/1791 Folio ?? p. 9
John HAMMOND Head Mar 34 Ag Lab Lackford
Sarah HAMMOND Wife Mar 32 Lackford
Elizabeth HAMMOND Daug Un 11 Scholar Lackford
Eliza HAMMOND Daug 6 Scholar Lackford
George HAMMOND Son 4 Scholar Lackford
Henry HAMMOND Son 2 At Home Lackford
David LEVETT Lodger Un 21 Ag Lab Lackford
George LEVETT Lodger Un 20 Ag Lab Lackford
Henry LEVETT Lodger Un 21 Ag Lab Lackford
(Source: 1851 census image -

By 1861 a further three children have been born, Maria in 1853, Charles in 1856 and James in 1858. 

1861 census: Suffolk, Lackford, Green RG 9/1138 Fol. 74 p 13
John HAMMOND Head Mar 44 Ag Lab Lackford
Sarah HAMMOND Wife Mar 42 Walsham
Eliza HAMMOND Daug Un 17 Lackford
George HAMMOND Son 15 Ag Lab Lackford
Henry HAMMOND Son 13 Ag Lab Lackford
Maria HAMMOND Daug 7 Scholar Lackford
Charles HAMMOND Son 4 Scholar Lackford
James HAMMOND Son 2 Ag Lab Lackford
(Source: 1861 census image -

Elizabeth HAMMOND has moved out and is now living in lodgings.


1861 census - Address: Southgate Street, St Mary, Bury St Edmunds

DORTER, William Head Married M 32 1829 Bricklayer Bury St Edmunds Suffolk DORTER, Harriet Wife Married F 32 1829 ... Suffolk

DORTER, James Son M 2 1859 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

DORTER, Henry Son M 1 1860 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

HAMMOND, Elizabeth Lodger Unmarried F 21 1840 Dressmaker ... Suffolk

RG number: RG09 Piece: 1140 Folio: 35 Page: 16

Registration District: Bury St Edmunds Sub District: 1 Bury-St Edmunds EnumerationDistrict: 2 Ecclesiastical Parish: Ely

Civil Parish: St Mary Municipal Borough: Address: Southgate Street, St Mary, Bury St Edmunds County: Suffolk

By 1871 only Maria and James are still at home, and Sarah Hammond’s widowed mother is living with the family

1871 census: Suffolk, Lackford, Green RG10/1725 Fol. 76 page 13
John HAMMOND Head Mar 54 Ag Lab Lackford
Sarah HAMMOND Wife Mar 53 Lackford
Maria HAMMOND Daug S 18 No occupation Lackford
James HAMMOND Son S 12 Ag Lab Lackford
Sarah DEATH Visitor Wid 78 Annuitant Walsham
William NAYLER Lodger S 23 Ag Lab Icklingham

By 1881 only James is still living at home.
1881 Census:
Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
 John HAMMOND   Head   M   Male   63   Lackford, Suffolk, England   Ag Lab    
 Sarah HAMMOND   Wife   M   Female   62   Walsham Le Willows, Suffolk, England       
 James HAMMOND   Son   U   Male   22   Lackford, Suffolk, England   Butler Domestic Servant    
Source Information:   Dwelling   The Street    Census Place Lackford, Suffolk, England   Family History Library Film   1341445   Public Records Office Reference   RG11   Piece / Folio   1838 / 67   Page Number   11

Thanks to Chris Bishop for supplying much of the census information and confirming other family details.

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