Official Guide to Barnard Castle in Lovely Teesdale. (Barnard Castle and District Publicity Society. 1939.)

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List of Advertisers and Business Directory.


C W & E DAWSON.  Pastry Cooks and Confectioners.  Scala Café Galgate

HALIFAX BUILDING SOCIETY.  Local Agent: J. Noel PAUL.  26 Horsemarket, Barnard Castle

THE MORRITT ARMS HOTEL.  Greta Bridge.  Rokeby.

ROBERT L CLOSE.  Electrical & Sporting Goods.  6 Horse Market

E HOLDSWORTH.  Mason's Drug and Photographic Store.  8 Horse Market

J FRANKLIN Clothier & Outfitter.  31 & 33 Market Place, Barnard Castle

KING'S HEAD HOTEL.  Barnard Castle


SHEPPARDS Drapers and Hosiers. 26 Horse Market

ROBERT ANDERSON Family Boot Maker.  9 Horse Market

ERIC ANDERSON.  Chiropodist.  9 Horse Market.

J P HUNTER.  Grocer. 20 Market Place

THE TOY SHOP.  Jack ASCOUGH.  Toys & Souvenirs, IBC Lending Library.  9 The Bank.

T G ROBINSON.  Stationer & Tobacconist.  Foyles' Circulating Library.  84 Galgate.

ERNEST WATSON.  Cycle & Motor Repairs 42 Galgate

JOSEPH SWINBANK.  Ladies & Children's wear 13 Horse Market.  Boys & Men's Wear.  Strathmore House.


CLEVELAND ARMS HOTEL.  Middleton in Teesdale.  Manager H C WARD

J T YOUNG & SON.  Jewellers 26 Market Place

R.P & E.A KITCHING.  Fish & Chip Café.  The Bank

H.R. WOODS.  Gifts & Icecreams.  3 Galgate

The GALA CINEMA.  Galgate.

W G RICHARDSON.  Sporting Goods, Gunmaker & Taxidermy.  17 Galgate

ADDISON & WOODHAMS.  Wholesale Family Grocers, Wine & Spirits.  Proprietors: F BEER and W. CHEESBOROUGH.  Successor to A HILTON and J.DAWSON & Son..  10 Market Place.


A V HEMPSALL & SON.  Printers.  2 Queen Street.

L & M BRUCE.  Baby Linen Specialists.  Underwear.  35 Horse Market

GLAMIS HOUSE PRIVATE HOTEL.  F. H FINLAY, Proprietor.  103 Galgate

Wm. PEAT.  MARDEN DAIRY.  Strathmore House.

Miss Lilian THORNTON.  Artificial Fly Dresser.  63 Galgate.

THOMPSON & FOSTER. Family Butchers.  Galgate.

BLACK HORSE HOTEL.  Proprietress H KITCHING.  10 Newgate

SIMPSON'S CAFÉ 4 Horse Market

H SAYER Family Butcher 13 Market Place


PERCIVAL's Service.  Bus & Coach Services.  Galgate.

B CORNTHWAITE.  Millinere & Ladies Outfitter.  9 Galgate.

H LEGGE & Co.  Ladies & Gents Tailor 42a Horse Market

A J BLACKETT. Registered Plumber. 10 Thorngate Wynd

J WRATHALL Painter & Decorator, Picture Framer.  2 Market Place

WOODWARDS Fish Restaurant 82b Galgate.

H F YOUNGS Family Butcher & Game Dealer 37 Horse Market

Miss E.D RUDD Millinery Gowns & Knitwear.  27 Horse Market

LOUIS SMITH & Co.  Automobile Engineers.  Barnard Castle.

PARKINSON'S Drapers Furnishers & Clothiers. 30 & 32 Horsemarket.

G. CLARKSON HARKER.  Chemist.  Barnard Castle

BOWES MUSEUM AND PARK.  Sydney E Harrison.  Curator & Secretary.




Private Apartments

Miss Allison, Stratford House, Marshall Street

Bell & Lowis, Temperance Hotel, nr Station

Mrs A C Bousefield.  16 Wilson Street

Miss L Bousefield 12 Birch Road

Miss E Coates, 9 Newgate

Mrs Dowson, 17 King Street

F H Finlay, Glamis House, Galgate

Mrs C R Gibson, 13 Wilson Street

Mrs Gibbon, 12 Birch Road

Mrs W Harris, Holmlea, Birch Road

Mrs Harker, 46 Newgate

Mrs Hetherington, Langley House, 31 Bede Road

Mrs Hollis, 44 The Bank

Misses Moore, Mayfield Villas, 88 Galgate

Mrs E M Peat, 36 Birch Road

Misses Peirson, 2 Cambridge Terrace, Galgate

Mres Porter, 23 Montalbo Terrace

Mrs Riddell & Miss Annett, Spring Grove, Newgate

Mrs Sisson, Flatts View

B Smith, Montalbo Temerance Hotel, Station Road

Mrs Stoddart, 8 Marshall Street

Mrs H G Sutherland, the Homelands, 85 Galgate

Mrs W Winley, Bridge End, Startforth

Mrs Willis, 27 Horse Market


Apartments at Farm Houses

Mrs McDonald, Woolhouse Farm, Marwood

Mrs W K Wilkinson, Mains Farm, Abbey Bridge Road


Boarding Houses, Private.  Also Temperance Hotels

Glamis House (F H Finlay) Galgate

Montalbo Temperance Hotel (B Smith) Station Road

Spring Grove (Mrs Riddell & Miss Annett)  Newgate

Station Temperance Hotel (Bell & Lowis)  Nr.  Station

Mrs M Winley, Bridge End, Startforth.



Bay Horse Hotel (G Thompson), Horse Market

Black Horse Hotel (Mrs H Kitching), Newgate

Bridge Hotel (R Gregory), Thorngate

Bowes Arms Hotel (F Welford), Galgate

Commercial Hotel (Mrs Henderson), Galgate

Golden Lion Hotel (C Lewis), Market Place

King's Head Hotel (F Dawson), Market Place

Morritt Arms Hotel (A Fontana), Greta Bridge

Raby Hotel (C F Woodhams), Market Place

Shoulder of Mutton Hotel (S Addison), The Bank

Turks Head Hotel (H Lowson), Market Place.


Small Furnished House

Miss L Burton.  6 Galgate






Cromwell House.  Private Museum, The Bank

Scala Cinema, Galgate


Arts & Crafts

The Crows Nest Craft Shop, Horse Market


Bakers, Confectioners

G T Burt, 17 Horse Market

C W & E Dawson, Scala Café, Galgate

E J Deacon, Rokeby Café, Newgate

Messrs Simpson, Greta Café, 4 Horse Market

T Sowerby, 12 Newgate

Miss L Burton, Castle Café, 6 Galgate

Hodgson & Lidster, 28 Galgate

J R Brown, 33 Horse Market

J Brown, Galgate Café, 14 Galgate

H R Wood, 7 Galgate

Mrs M Mitchell, 24 Marshall Street



Teesdale Billposters (A V Hempsall) 2 Queen Street


Boot & Shoe Warehouses

R B Morton 2 Horse Market

R Anderson 9 Horse Market

J Gibson 22 Queen Street

A Gardiner 41 The Bank



W Peat  54 Galgate & Marden Dairy, Horse Market

H Sayer, Market Place

Thompson & Foster, Galgate

H F Youngs, 37 Horse Market


Cafés, Restaurants etc.

J Brown, Galgate Café, 14 Galgate

L Burton, 6 Galgate

CW & E Dawson, Scala Café, Galgate

E J Deacon, Rokeby Café, Newgate

Hodgson & Lidster, 28 Galgate

C Iceton, Tea House, Rokeby

J T Young, Abbey Bridge

W Metcalfe, 8 Market Place

Museum Café (C W Dawson), Bowes Museum

Simpson's, 4 Horse Market

A Osborn, Douglas Café, The Bank



Clarkson Harker.  Horse Market.


Chips & Fish

Mrs Hollis. 44 The Bank

R P & E A Kitching, The Bank

Woodward (from Blackpool).  82b Galgate



Mrs A Brownless, 76 Galgate

G Elliott, Staffordshire House, The Bank

G A Barker, Galgate


Cycle Dealers

R G Jackson, 17 The Bank

Ernest Watson, 42 Galgate



Mr Christie, Galgate


Drug & Photographic Store

E Holdsworth, Horse Market


Fish Merchants

Woodward (from Blackpool), 82 Galgate


Fishing Fly Maker

W G Richardson, 17 Galgate

Miss Thornton, 63 Galgate



Smith W H & Sons, New Grove Works

Low Mill, 2 B Smith & Son

Newgate.  H Down & Sons


Game & Poultry Dealers

R Morrell & Sons, 82 Galgate

Robinson Bros., 46 Galgate

H Sayer, Market Place

H F Youngs, 37 Horse Market


Garages, Motor Cars etc.

Louis Smith, The Garage, Galgate

Ernest Watson, 42 Galgate


Greengrocers, Fruiterers, etc

W Burn & Son, 29 Galgate

Frederick Metcalfe, 9 Market Place

Mrs M Metcalfe, 16 Market Place

R Morrell & Sons, 82 Galgate

Robinson Bros., 46 Galgate


Grocers & Provisions

H B Ashmore, 7 Newgate

Mrs W Ascough, 55 The Bank

Addison & Woodhams (F Beer & W Cheesebrough), 10 Market Place

Thomas Boardman, 27 The Bank

Walter Willson Ltd., Market Place

Parkin Jackson, 6 Market Place

Mrs Milner, 10 Galgate

John P Hunter, 20 Market Place

George T Burt, 17 Horse Market

Mrs Winley, Bridge End, Startforth

J H Brown, Coffee Roaster, Galgate


Glove Manufacturers

The North of England Chamois Co. Ltd., Thorngate Mill


Hairdressers (Gents)

E V Lesk, Horse Market

Morton's, 4 Galgate


Ironmongers, Plumbers etc.

A J Blackett, 10 Thorngate Wynd

G A Barker, Galgate

J Elleray, 13 The Bank


Jewellers, etc.

J T Young & Son, 26 Market Place

H Turner, 20 Horse Market


Ladies' and Children's Hairdressing

Miss Youngs, 36 Horse Market



T G Robinson, 84 Galgate

G V Tarn, Horsemarket (London L. L.  Durham C. Ltd)

J Ascough, 9 The Bank


Milk Sellers

Mrs J W Raine, sen.,  48 Galgate

W Peat, Marden Dairy, Horse Market

Westwick Dairy, Westwick

W Wilkinson, Mains Farm, Abbey Road

Mrs Metcalfe, 8 Market Place


Milliners, Drapers, Furnishers etc.

E Sheppard, 26 Horse Market

Jos. Swinbank, 13 Horse Market

J Parkinson & Son, Horse Market

Miss L Bruce, Baby Linen, 35 Horse Market

F Nevison, Market Place

Miss B Cornthwaite, 9 Galgate

Blackett & Son Ltd, Horse Market

Miss E D Rudd, Gowns, 27 Horse Market

J O Lowes & Co, Ltd., 5 Market Place



C R Gibson, coal dealer, 13 Wilson Street

R Pratt, Yeast Merchant, 22 The Bank

Carter Bros.  Mineral Water Manufacturers, 4 Horse Market

R Anderson, Chiropodist, 9 Horse Market

J Brown, Saddler, 14 Galgate

W Coats, Builder etc., Newgate

T K Bell, House & Estate Agent, Horse Market

F Deacon & Son, Builders, Barnard Castle

G V Tarn, Circulating Library, Horse Market

H Turner, Wireless Dealer, 20 Horse Market


Nursing Home

Mrs H Smurthwaite, SCM, SRN.  Rosemount, Bede Road


Newsagents, Stationers and Fancy Goods

J W Ascough, 9 The Bank

Mrs N Irvine 24 The Bank

Teesdale Mercury Ltd. Market Place

T G Robinson, 84 Galgate

William White, 70 Galgate



J A Webster, FSMC, FBOA (Hons)., Market Place


Painters & Decorators

R G Jackson, 17 The Bank

Mrs E M Wrathall, 2 Market Place



J W Ascough, 9 The Bank

A V Hempsall & Son, 2 Queen Street

Teesdale Mercury, 24 Market Place


Sports Outfitter & Fishing Tackle Dealer

G W Richardson, 17 Galgate


Tailors & Outfitters

H Legge & Co, 42a Horse Market

Joseph Franklin, 31 Market Place

F Nevison, Market Place

R B Gent, 38 Galgate



J W Ascough, 9 The Bank

J R Brown, 33 Horse Market

H R Wood, 3 Galgate

T Sowerby, 12 Newgate

G A Carter, 42 Horse Market

T G Robinson, 84 Galgate


Wine & Spirit Merchants

Thos Boardman, 27 The Bank

Addison & Woodhams (F Beer & W Cheesbrough), 10 Market Place


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